The Improvement Group risk management services help you to understand and monitor the risks and threats your business and it's people face, so proportionate and effective plans can be put in place.

No business owner wants to face disruption like vandalism, fire or cyber crime and they certainly don't want the risk of a prison sentence for a health and safety violation.  So, our aim is to prepare you to keep your business functioning during and after any disruption that could affect you and ensure you remain compliant throughout.

What we help you with:

  • Health and Safety: We take that compliance headache away.  We tailor monthly walk-arounds with risk assessments and statutory testing to ensure you are safe and compliant.
  • Business Continuity: You want to be able to weather any storm.  We develop robust plans to ensure your business remains stable, whatever comes your way.

Why us?

We use our experience and knowledge to ensure your risk assessments and health and safety plans are fit for purpose and you are meeting all your legal duties and requirements.

With approximately only a third of businesses having a business continuity plan in place and of those, fewer than half testing it, there are many businesses at risk.  Without a plan, you only have a 10% chance of your business surviving.  We work with you to not only review and make certain their plan is current, relevant and workable; we also test it with you so you know you can rely on it if you face disruption.

Many say it won't happen to them and that planning is hard.  We say planning isn’t the hard part.  Explaining why you didn’t is!

Don't let your business become a statistic.  Whether you want to understand how you can stay compliant or you are new to Business Continuity contact us now to see how we can help you.

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